About Us

Chamber History

The Independence Chamber was incorporated in June, 1914, as the Independence Commercial Association. In March, 1926, the charter was amended, changing the name of the organization to “Chamber of Commerce of Independence, Kansas.” A copy of the charter and amendment was obtained from the Secretary of State and filed on record with the Montgomery County Register of Deeds in February, 1983.

What is the Chamber?

The Chamber is a voluntary organization which represents the business interests of the Independence area. Its membership is comprised of businesses, professionals, organizations and industries working together to insure progressive and orderly development. It acts as a unique central agency with the purpose of improving business and the business environment and building community.

The Chamber is NOT a department of the city, it is NOT a charity, and it is NOT a civic club.

The Chamber’s most important asset is its members…people who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually. The Chamber’s overall objective is to make a better place in which to live, work and raise a family.

What does the Chamber do?

The variety and scope of the Chamber’s activities are virtually unlimited. We work to create new jobs, both through close contact and assistance to existing business and industry, the attraction of new ones and assistance to start-up businesses. We also work to attract visitors and new residents to the community.

Many times, the Chamber serves as a catalyst to initiate new economic development and community development projects or programs and sees to it that they are carried out either through a committee or another organization.

These activities befit the Chamber’s stated mission “to promote Independence commerce, industry, and tourism.”

How does the Chamber work?

The policies and programs of the Chamber are approved by the Board of Directors, elected by the general membership. From this membership the committees are formed who, in turn, focus their attention upon the issues affecting business in the Independence area.

The Chamber of Commerce keeps its membership informed on these issues and provides the business community with a single powerful voice addressing our concerns.

To carry out the policies and programs approved by the Board and conduct daily administrative functions, the Chamber has three professional staff members.

Who finances the Chamber?

Since it is a voluntary organization, the Chamber’s cost of operation and expenses are apportioned among its members – individuals and firms – representing all types of businesses, industry and professions. All share a mutual desire to build a better community.

Membership is actually an investment in the present and future of the individual’s and community’s welfare.

Why join the Chamber?

A business sometimes fails to recognize the fact that the Chamber is also its salesman and advocate – increasingly promoting their products and services while at the same time protecting their interests, particularly in the political arena where a single voice can go unheard but collectively, the united voice of the Chamber has proven effective and beneficial to business. Full-time representation and year-round results are rewards of a Chamber membership.