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The Independence Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping business in our community as well as making a positive impact on our community.

The following are resources that provide helpful information you may need to navigate the current situation.

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Montgomery County Spark Grant For Small Businesses and Not-For-Profit Organizations
In June 2020, Governor Kelly appointed the SPARK taskforce to begin establishing funding opportunities to aid in responding to COVID-19 and the impacts that this pandemic has had on our economy, families, healthcare, schools, and communities.  Kansas received $1.25 Billion in CARES Act Cornovirus Relief Funds, with $220 Million going to Johnson and Sedgwick Counties and $1.03 Billion to the remainder of the state.  There will be 3 rounds of SPARK funding.  Round one ($400 Million) was disbursed in July to all Kansas Counties based on population as well as economic and COVID-19 impact from COVID-19. Montgomery County received $6,527,793 in funding from this round. 

  • The funds were divided into two types of funding – Reimbursments and Direct Aid.  Reimbursements are for organizations that already had to spend unbudgeted funds due to COVID-19.  The Direct Aid Plan allowed eligible organizations to create a plan that would best help their organization respond to COVID-19.  Montgomery County has tentatively defined 5 categories for funding allocations.
    • Health – $3.2 Million
    • Education – $1 Million
    • Connectivity – $1 Million
    • Economic Development – $1 Million
    • Administration – $327,793

    The County approved Direct Aid and Reimbursement requests on August 14, 2020, but cannot provide those funds officially until the State of Kansas approves the programs proposed by the organizations and the County.  We anticipate that this will happen on or around September 15.  We will post those awards once this is official.

  • Out of the $1Million allocated to Economic Development in the plan above, the County designated $400,000 for Small Business and not-for-profit organizations, with a cap set at $100,000 for not-for-profit businesses.  Businesses and non-profit organizations will have to show that they have a need for the funding due to the impacts of COVID-19.

You will have to have a DUNS NUMBER to apply for this Grant. Click Here if you need your DUNS NUMBER.


Application opens on Tuesday, September 15th Click Here To Apply

Application Closes Thursday, October 1st.

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