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 Chamber Blue Insurance Opportunity

Chamber Blue was introduced in 2023 and is another exciting benefit the Independence Chamber of Commerce can offer to our members. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas (CCEKS) and local Chambers across the state have created an association health plan (AHP) – Chamber Blue of Kansas. This AHP offers member businesses access to health insurance associated with large group medical coverage. 

Potential Chamber Blue Members: Businesses with 10 or more employees will be asked to complete a census survey that will allow your business to be eligible to enroll in Chamber Blue effective January 1, 2024. If your business is currently enrolled with BCBSKS, you will simply include your business information and group number. If your business is not currently enrolled with BCBSKS, please complete the census which will include the name, date of birth, gender and zip code for each employee, spouse and dependents covered under your current plan or those you believe will want coverage under this plan. Businesses with 9 or fewer employees will complete a health profile for each employee. The survey needs to be completed by Chamber Members considering joining Chamber Blue. You may click the button at the end of the message to access the survey. The deadline for completion is August 18th, 2023

Current Chamber Blue Members: Blue Cross Blue Shield will reach out with renewal information. No census is needed for you to continue your coverage.

 The census survey is to be completed one time per business by the person responsible for the decisions of the health benefits for your company. It is not to be passed to the employees to complete. If you would like more information before completing the survey, check out the Employer Guide and Benefit Brochure on the Chamber Blue of Kansas website. If you would like a link to the survey please call or email the Independence Chamber of Commerce.

Rates will be announced in October of 2023 and enrollment will begin in November of 2023 with the support of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Please note there will be a separate process to enroll your business in Chamber Blue. Completing this survey does not obligate your business to enroll in the program. If you have additional questions, you can contact your BCBSKS representative or complete the form on the website. 

To view a recording of a recent informational webinar on the insurance, click here.

This Blue Cross Blue Shield large group policy should help smaller businesses lower their health care premiums and, at the same time, offer a variety of robust plans. The data according to Blue Cross Blue Shield shows that 44 chambers had groups enroll in Chamber Blue in 2023, which includes 257 businesses having enrolled with 2700 contracts. That is great “buying power” to help keep costs lower and, most importantly, keep costs more steady year to year. As an association health plan, Chamber Blue of Kansas is working with Kansas Chambers to provide organizations like yours access to health insurance savings associated with large group medical coverage.

For more information reach out to Lisa Wilson: